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EP 06 How to get your marketing ready for series A with Greg Landon

April 18, 2024

In this episode Greg Landon, the visionary Head of Marketing at Leadoo, delves into the pivotal significance of ratings and social proof for SaaS companies. Greg shares his experience on the importance of reviews and trust for market validation and tells us the secrets of how to use them to grow your company. With him we also discuss how to get your company ready for series A funding when it comes to marketing, product and design. Lastly, Greg discusses what is traction and what's the test that proves you have it.

Episode overview

- Ratings and social proof are crucial for establishing credibility and trust with potential customers. - Asking for reviews early in the customer journey can provide valuable feedback and help build a positive reputation. - Traction in at least one channel is essential for Series A funding, demonstrating a proven ability to scale. - Finding the right events or channels to showcase your product can lead to increased brand awareness and customer acquisition.

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