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EP 07 B2B Branding and AI in marketing with Alp Oztekin

April 25, 2024

Branding is often an afterthough in B2B. Although it's a longer and more difficul process, branding is as crucial in business as it is in consumer marketing. Alp Oztekin, a veteran marketer for some of the largest brands shares with us how to do approach branding in B2B. With him we discuss how to build a brand to educate your audience and support the sales cycle. Alp also gives some practical example he's had with website redesign on how to use quantitative and qualitative research to improve the user experience and align with business goals. Lastly, Alp shares with us his ideas on AI and marketing and how AI will shape the way brands communicate.

Episode overview

- Branding is crucial in both B2B and B2C marketing, but building trust in B2B can be more challenging due to longer sales cycles and complex decision-making processes. - B2B websites play a critical role in establishing credibility, educating the audience, and generating demand. They should be user-friendly, personalized, and support the sales process. - Identifying relevant traffic on B2B websites can be challenging, but it can be done through behavior tracking and personalized content. - Redesigning a B2B platform requires a customer-centric approach, combining quantitative and qualitative research to improve user experience and align with business goals. - AI can be a powerful tool in marketing, but it should be used strategically and ethically, with a clear understanding of business objectives and value.

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