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EP 08 Eight Proven Gamification Tactics You Can Use Right Now

May 2, 2024

Gamification is a powerful tool to enhance engagement. It has revolutionised certain industries such as e-learning and social network. However for most companies gamification is just adding badges and leaderboard. If that’s also your case that means you’re missing out to 90% of the gamification tactics.

Episode overview

- Gamification is a technique used to increase engagement and successful conversion towards desired actions. - There are eight main pillars of gamification: meaningful journey, sense of accomplishment, creative process, ownership, social influence, scarcity, unpredictability of reward, and loss avoidance. - Successful companies like LinkedIn and Duolingo have effectively used gamification techniques to engage users and create successful platforms. - Balancing white hat techniques (appealing to positive motivations) and black hat techniques (appealing to negative motivations) is important in gamification. - Gamification can be applied to various industries and can revolutionize the user experience.

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