Design is Marketing

EP 10 Product-Led Growth and B2B Marketing with Tina Fisher

May 15, 2024

In this episode of Design is Marketing we talk about B2B marketing and how to apply product-led growth (PLG) to fintech. I'm joined by Tina Fisher, CMO of Intix and previous startup founder. With her we'll look at how she applied PLG to increase users activation and engagement. Tina will also share her entrepreneurial journey and how she managed to overcome gender biases while doing fundraising.

Episode overview

User Engagement is Key Tina Fisher emphasizes the importance of prioritizing user engagement in product development, highlighting strategies such as incentivizing user actions to drive retention and platform growth. Overcoming Bias in Investment The episode sheds light on the challenges faced by female entrepreneurs in overcoming gender biases in investment decisions, offering valuable insights into navigating the investor landscape. Tailored Marketing for Persona-Based Outreach Learn how Intix employs persona-based marketing strategies to effectively reach diverse stakeholders within the fintech sector, offering valuable lessons for targeting specific audience segments. The Power of In-Person Events Discover the unexpected effectiveness of in-person events in generating awareness and leads within the fintech industry, providing marketers with a fresh perspective on event marketing strategies. Holistic Approach to User Journey Gain insights into Tina's holistic approach to understanding the entire user journey in marketing and product development, offering practical strategies for optimizing user experience and driving success in fintech ventures.

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