Design is Marketing

EP 14 Creating An Engaging B2B Website with Elisabet Innala

June 12, 2024

In this episode of Design is Marketing, Elisabet Innala, Head of Marketing at Planacy, shares insights on how to effectively redesign a B2B SaaS website to boost conversions. Tune in to discover her top five tips for optimizing your website.

Episode overview

Strategic Timing for Redesign: Recognize the right moment for a website redesign based on both qualitative insights and quantitative data, such as high click rates but low conversions or outdated aesthetics. Simplicity and Clarity: Ensure your website answers the key questions—what is this, who is it for, and why do I need it—clearly and concisely to prevent visitors from getting overwhelmed and leaving. Continuous Improvement: Treat your website as a living entity, making regular updates and adjustments rather than waiting for a full redesign every few years. Engagement Through Relevant Content: Enhance engagement by offering content relevant to the user's interests, such as webinars, articles, and product sheets, directly on the related pages. Incorporating Customer Insights: Utilize feedback from sales and customer success teams, as well as former customers working within your company, to align your website's messaging and functionality with the actual needs of your target audience.

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