ARS Evolution: a smooth UX across each website module

ARS Evolution: a smooth UX across each website module

We've helped ARS with a new identity and to create a smooth user experience across each module of their website.

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ARS is a prominent company specializing in legal publications, catering to compliance and legal professionals to keep them updated on essential tasks. Their clientele primarily consists of blue chip companies. In addition to their extensive legal archive and publications, ARS hosts educational events attended by hundreds of risk and compliance managers.

In recent years, ARS has increasingly focused on enhancing its online presence to not only distribute materials but also attract customers to their online education platform. They have launched ARS Evolution as their new digital brand.

Consequently, their website needed to evolve from a simple online storefront to the central hub of their online platform. We assisted them in redesigning their website to ensure it effectively caters to both new potential users and returning clients. We've also helped them create a smooth user experience across each module of their website.

User Experience (UX): Creating a Seamless Navigation Experience

One of the primary goals of the redesign was to establish the website as the starting point for new users to become clients and for returning users to access the platform, consult the calendar, and explore the legal archive.

We have achieved this by developing user flows for both types of users, restructuring the menu, and optimizing call-to-action buttons.

To streamline the user experience, we minimized unnecessary elements that could have complicated the user journey.

The new navigation menu

Creating unity with the different platform modules

We facilitated ARS's transition to a new visual identity, ensuring effective communication while maintaining consistency with their established brand and target audience.

Given ARS's platform is made of multiple modules, we implemented a distinct color scheme for each module while maintaining overall visual coherence.

Enhanced copy of the pages

Collaborating with the marketing department, we refined the text on each page.

The previous pages were quite text-heavy so we’ve worked to trim down the amount of text that users had to read.

This has resulted in clearer communication and stronger module identities for improved user navigation.

Key Takeaways

Our collaboration with ARS highlighted the challenge of maintaining a coherent visual identity across multiple products when your company offers a wide range of products.

In such cases, it's essential to provide users with visual cues and implicit communication aids to orient themselves without relying solely on text or assuming full attention.

Icons, colors, and logos play a crucial role in guiding users through complex products. Equally important is ensuring seamless navigation between modules, enabling users to move between sections with clarity and ease.

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