Website redesign for ZTLment a Danish fintech

Website redesign for ZTLment a Danish fintech

ZTLment has raised a large investment round and is a regulated entity. The company - a B2B fintech - has grown with new solutions for new user groups. They needed a new website to clearly communicate the value for each user group and to properly communicate their brand.

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The challenge

ZTLment is a regulated Danish fintech offering payment solutions to B2B clients. They help collect and automate the distribution of funds from platforms like e.g. music streaming platforms. As the company is scaling, their user group has expanded and their brad identity has slightly changed.

The challenge was to effectively convey the unique value propositions tailored for each user group and enhance overall brand communication.

The approach

Being ZTLment a complex B2B solution, the first thing was to properly understand the audience and the value it provides. Through extensive research on competitors, we gained insights into how ZTLment wants to be different. Our role involved assisting the team in developing a visual identity that aligns with their existing assets, minimizing drastic changes while effectively communicating their brand.

Website navigation and use cases to increase clarity and conversion

The two starting changes to the design have been a reshape of the navigation and the definition of the use cases.

The new navigation has improved the general user experience. We've also redesigned the conversion funnel to help ZTLment guide users to the desired action. We have imagined two different paths, one for users who land on the website and immediately want to contact the team and one for users who need to collect more information before doing so. Then we have streamlined the flow for both.

Since the solution applies the same technology to different users with different needs, the role of use cases is incredibly important. They help each group clearly understand how the technology delivers value to their concrete sitation.

The end result

The end result is a new website with an enhanced user experience. The website now clearly communicates to each target group how ZTLment delivers value by leveraging their technology.

"The team was highly communicative from a workflow standpoint, and internal stakeholders were particularly impressed with the service provider's development agility. I can only recommend them to others as they delivered above and beyond."

Nicolai Habla - Head of Product ZTLment

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