HelloMentor - Redesign of an education-tech platform

HelloMentor - Redesign of an education-tech platform

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Discover how HelloMentor's innovative approach revolutionizes the job market by seamlessly connecting students with suitable job opportunities and dedicated mentors.

Problem Statement

In the competitive job market, students often struggle to find relevant job opportunities that align with their interests and skills. The cumbersome task of job searching and lack of personalized guidance lead to inefficiencies and missed opportunities. HelloMentor addresses this challenge by utilizing AI to automatically match students with suitable jobs and providing dedicated mentorship for personalized career guidance.

Key Features

HelloMentor stands out with its array of features aimed at simplifying the job search process. The app automates job matching based on user interests and skills, streamlining the search experience. Additionally, it facilitates seamless interactions between students and mentors by enabling students to reserve time slots for mentorship sessions. The app's user interface offers a refreshed look and feel, enhancing user experience and engagement.

User Experience and Design

The core of HelloMentor's success lies in crafting an engaging onboarding experience that efficiently gathers relevant information from users. The onboarding process, designed to be catchy and intuitive, captures user interests and hobbies to create tailored job matches. Furthermore, the system I designed enables digital meetings between mentors and students, optimizing the mentorship process.

UI Design and Identity

HelloMentor underwent a transformation in its app identity and visual appeal. The revamped UI design offers a fresh and inviting look, enhancing user interaction and navigation within the app. The updated app identity aligns with HelloMentor's vision of modernizing the job search process, offering a more vibrant and user-friendly interface.

Next Steps

HelloMentor helps the success of students in the job market by focusing on innovative solutions and seamless user experiences. By leveraging technology and personalized mentorship, HelloMentor aims to redefine career guidance and empower students in their professional journey.

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