From user experience to UI: launch of a behaviour-changing app

From user experience to UI: launch of a behaviour-changing app

IAMaware is a new app helping people break bad habits. I teamed up with the founders to release the design within just 3 weeks. The app works with wearables and turns a simple alarm into a tool for change. I did the design part and got it up and running in just 3 weeks.

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IAMaware is a cool app that helps users break bad habits. It uses a special wrist gadget and a phone. The gadget buzzes when you're about to do something you're trying to avoid (e.g. nail biting). The IAMaware team was just starting, and they needed someone to turn their idea into reality. I helped by coming up with the idea, making the plans, and designing the look of the app. We kept it simple and focused on what would make the app really useful.

Branding and visual identity

IAMaware got a new look with a different logo and colors. I gave the team three choices, and we went with the one that felt right. The colors match other apps that are in the wellbaing sector.

Design for the Value Proposition

Making IAMaware easy to use with the wrist gadget was key. People needed to connect the app to the gadget without any trouble. The app had to work well with the gadget but not take over.

The app also needs to incorporate the essential gamification elements on which the second wave of development will build. So we have added e.g. avatars andthe possibility for users to give emojis to the events that they encounter during the day.

The design process

To make the design process as efficient as possible, I have created the wireframes and story map while working at branding and visual identity.

I made basic sketches to show how the app would work. We aimed to keep things simple for users.

UI Design

After the sketches, I made the actual look of the app, focusing on making it work well on iPhones. IAMaware went from an idea to a live app in just 3 weeks. It does what the team wanted and looks good doing it.


The app design was ready in just 3 weeks. We made it happen fast, launching the onboarding, device connection and the main 3 features: tracking, statistics and settings. It's not just an app; it's a tool for change.

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