Launch of an AI-based tutoring platform

Launch of an AI-based tutoring platform

We’ve integrated AI to personalize learning and tutoring for MyMidas. By designing an intuitive, user-friendly interface, we’ve helped this company transform education into an engaging, tailored experience for students and a powerful, accessible tool for teachers.

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Project overview

MyMidas is a launching startup on a mission to make learningmore enjoyable and effective for students using AI. This innovative platformpersonalizes educational content, aligning with students' interests and careeraspirations.


Platform features

MyMidas offers practical exercises, engaging videos, andrelevant tests that immerse students in their future professions.

On the backend, teachers have access to a comprehensivedashboard to monitor student progress and recommend activities in line withtheir individual needs.

This ensures a tailored learning experience for everystudent.


Moving from concept to wireframes

This phase presented a unique challenge: creating a seamless interactionwith AI that remains accessible and user-friendly. Our focus was on deliveringa smooth, intuitive experience, particularly for the teachers who need apowerful yet uncomplicated tool.

The design is a balance, providing granular details when necessary withoutoverwhelming users with complexity.


A simple UI palette to leave the stage to content

When it came to UI design, we chose Material UI for its clean, modern lookand ease of use.

We selected an easy and recognizable colour palette that complements theuser experience rather than detracting from it.

The goal was to create a visually appealing interface that enhancesengagement without causing distraction.

Our design decisions were driven by the need to support the educationaljourney, making learning with MyMidas not only effective but also enjoyable.



In just three weeks, we transformed the MyMidas concept into a visual designready for implementation.

This rapid progression enabled the development team to begin testing theplatform in the market in no time.

By sharing this ed-tech project, we hope to inspire and enrich yourunderstanding of how thoughtful UX/UI design can elevate educational tools,making learning a delightful experience for both students and educators.

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Project overview

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