Redesigning Remap's Website to Drive Course Subscriptions

Redesigning Remap's Website to Drive Course Subscriptions

Revamping Remap's website drove increased course subscriptions and expanded business opportunities, aligning with their brand identity and fostering deeper user engagement.

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Client Overview

Remap is a rapidly expanding company based in England, offering both online learning experiences and organizing physical events for large corporates. Led by founders Maya and Ben, Remap sought to enhance its online presence to boost subscriber numbers and introduce a dedicated page to cater to corporate clients, particularly for selling high-ticket courses.

Challenges and Objectives

Remap approached us to revamp their website with the primary objective of increasing course subscriptions. Additionally, they aimed to incorporate a corporate-focused page to attract business clients. Our challenge was to align with Remap's business needs and design a website that not only drove conversions but also reflected their brand identity.


  1. Productized Offer Creation: We began by collaborating closely with Maya and Ben to understand their business requirements. Together, we identified key conversion goals: sign-ups and engagement with pre-recorded sessions. To familiarize users with Remap's offerings, we introduced a dedicated page for accessing pre-recorded sessions.
  2. Branding and Graphic Identity: Our next step involved defining Remap's graphic identity in alignment with their core values of balance, introspection, and self-awareness. Working closely with the founders, we curated a balanced palette comprising vibrant and warm/cold colors. We opted for bold, sans-serif fonts and utilized full-size images to resonate with Remap's audience.
  3. Redesign: We meticulously refined website copy to ensure it was concise yet compelling. Leveraging the founders' insights gained over months, we redesigned the about section to highlight the team's expertise, emphasizing why Maya and Ben are uniquely qualified to deliver Remap's services.
  4. User Engagement: Recognizing the importance of user feedback, we implemented a form for users to express their preferences for recordings or events. This personal touch fostered a deeper connection with Remap's audience, enhancing user engagement.


The culmination of our efforts resulted in a powerful, modernized website that resonated strongly with Remap's user base. Not only did the redesigned website drive increased conversions for existing courses, but it also elevated the average lifetime value of users. The incorporation of a corporate-focused page opened up new business opportunities for Remap, further solidifying their position in the market.


By aligning with Remap's business objectives and meticulously crafting a user-centric website, we successfully facilitated a substantial increase in course subscriptions and enhanced user engagement. Our collaborative approach, combined with a focus on brand identity and user feedback, propelled Remap towards achieving its growth targets and establishing a stronger foothold in the competitive landscape.

"Federico was brilliant to work with to revamp our website. He asked great questions to understand our vision and then translated that into a sleek design. We made great improvements in a short space of time." - Ben Wainwright (Founder)

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